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"The High School Acting Studio, as a part of the Cincinnati Actors Studio & Academy, is one of THE best acting programs that is offered in Cincinnati. This program has more information and amazing training than any program offered in Cincinnati, and possibly the Midwest. This simply is the best program. As further proof that it is, I recently went to a very selective summer program at NYU for drama. I wasn't sure at first what to expect, but I soon realized that I knew so much more than many of the other students in my group. You learn so many great acting techniques such as Meisner (Woot Woot!), Adler, Stanislavski, Chekhov, Raza Boxes and so many more techniques that many theater colleges focus on and teach.


This training will give you such an advantage should you choose to pursue a career in theater. As a result, I have gotten very good feedback from teachers at NYU, some of whom even mentioned that they would love to have me at their school. And it is all because of doing this Studio program. I am not exaggerating when I say that the High School Acting Studio is the best studio in the city."

-- Ben Langhorst 
Graduate of the High School Acting Studio 
Graduate of NYU-Tisch


"What an amazing way you shared the inner thinking and "feelings" of the young character [in A Night of Curious Incidents] ...truly insightful and beautiful... [The cast] did such a beautiful and amazing job depicting the inner thoughts, feelings and emotions of someone on the spectrum and those they love...Thank you so very much again."


-- Barbara Thomas
Director of the Tall Institute, Cincinnati, OH


"My name is Cayla Black and graduated from the University of Cincinnati, with a major in criminal justice. I was in the acting studio with Gina for two years. I found that even though I was not majoring in acting, studio helped me in everyday life. At school when we had to do fake interviews for future jobs, I felt I was far ahead of the other students and I owe most of that to Studio. Studio helped me learn better personal skills and present myself well in front of the interviewers. 

Also, being in criminal justice, I had to take a hostage negotiations class, where we were put in situations where we needed to talk to a hostage taker and think very quickly on our feet. Having classes such as improv and many others helped me to be able to do well in these situations. Acting Studio has helped me in school and work, but the most important thing I have gained is confidence in myself. It has helped me find who I am and be confident, not only in acting but in everything I do. I have also met amazing new people who became great friends, and I could never get this experience anywhere else." 


-- Cayla Black

Graduate of High School Acting Studio

I attended I Am An Emotional Creature, and I wanted to promptly to thank you for putting on such an incredible show. This was the first CASA performance I have ever seen, and I was absolutely blown away. The intimate setting was perfect for the show and truly added to the experience. The space you have created for these talented performers is something I know they cherish and it is visible from the moment you walk in. As I watched each monologue, song, or dance, I was brought to tears by the raw emotion and pureness of it all. As a high school girl entering my senior year, I was able to connect with so many of the sentiments shared in the pieces, and the two and a half hours I spent in the audience was by far more therapeutic than talking to any of the shrinks I have seen. The issues presented were so real and so perfectly delivered; your students are unbelievably talented. I know for a fact that I will never forget this incredible piece, no matter how many other shows I attend or plays I read. Thank you again for putting on such a meaningful show; it truly was magical.

--Caroline C.

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